Friday, January 18, 2008


The library called a little earlier this morning, and I didn't get the job. Also, the museum has apparently been calling the "selected candidates" since this Monday, and would eventually get back to everyone who applied, which seems to put me in the everyone else category. And I haven't heard from the other places I applied yet either, so I'm bummed today. Bleh.

But this weekend I have a couple hour class with Dad, so that should cheer me up. The class is called "making holes in rocks", with the intent of using the "rock" for jewelry. Dad said that the same process could be used to drill holes in the silver things from our PMC classes. You can make a hole in the clay obviously, but when the clay burns out and the silver bonds together, sometimes the whole piece shrinks, and then a necklace won't fit through. So, instead of filing the crap out of it, we'll be proficeint with using the drillpress, so can widen the hole with that without damaging it. Not THAT exciting I know, but it's useful in some ways, and it's fun, so that's Saturday. No other plans that I know of yet.

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