Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pre-Spring Cleaning

We spent the weekend working on the apartment, cleaning house or atleast starting to....

We got some major work done - finally cleaned out all the closets and got rid of a bunch of clothes, shoes and various other things. It's been something we've really needed to do for a while. Now we've got about half a dozen good size boxes of stuff to take to Salvation Army. Also ended up trashing a bunch of stuff as well. Both of us being packrats, it's always hard to part with all of these things we've accumulated, but it's a good feeling when it's gone - less stuff taking up space and less we'll have to pack when we eventually move....

Picked up a couple of small shelves - one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom - and did some rearranging in both rooms. Finally unboxed all of my toys and found places to hang them up in the den. We walked around Home Depot and Lowes for a while, looking for something to use for a pantry, but didn't find anything we were sold on. But we need one, as it would really help our present kitchen situation, so we're still looking.

My original plan was to spend Saturday doing all of the reorganization, and then Sunday was going to be actual (much needed) cleaning. But we still haven't made it to the cleaning part, and the apartment is in mid-cleaning disaster mode right now. My hope is that we'll get the rest of the cleaning done over the next week, but I'm not holding my breath, although I'm quite happy with what we accomplished this weekend.

Jenny had a lot of fun at her rock class on Saturday, and then spent some time watching recorded TV with her folks for a while before heading home when the weather started getting worse. Back to work tomorrow for me, and Jenny's back to looking for work.

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