Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Guess This is What Insomnia Must Feel Like....

So, I'm feeling better and didn't want to force myself to sleep with NyQuil again, besides not wanting to deal with all the crazy dreams that come with it.

Well, I figure I'll just stay up until I'm tired and go to bed like normal... but I never get tired. I figured I'd be headed to bed by the time the Late Late Show is over - instead I end up watching a very interesting show on PBS about FDR.

I guess at this point, I'm just going to try to stay up even later, crash sometime this afternoon/evening and reset myself to a normal sleep schedule the hard way. Not really what I wanted, but oh well.

I did post up a bunch of pictures on our Flickr page. There are a lot of ones we took which are just too blurry to post (like most of the costume contest at the convention), but we still ended up with quite a bit that are decent.

Guess I'll finish my breakfast. Jenny will be getting up for work in less than an hour....

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Anonymous said...

i found yer blog while searching "insomnia" on google.. i never get tired either. sometimes i actually lay in bed near tears because i want to sleep so badly and i know that i will be exhausted the next day. i usually finally fall asleep around 7 AM.. it sucks to see everyone else in the world go to bed, and then you're just AWAKE alone for hours and hours..