Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Sketch Cards, etc.

I always enjoy Christmas more when I'm actually able to give people presents.This year, due to my serious lack of cash and desire to still give something to my friends, I decided to include original sketch cards with my Christmas cards. Unfortunately I waited too long to get started, and didn't get near as many done as I'd like, but was still able to get a fair amount out (relatively) on time.

Most of these should have reached their recipients by now, so it should be safe to post them. One card needs to get re-sent due to an address error, and one didn't get sent out till after Christmas. Hopefully I'll be a little more organized next year and get more done, and out in the mail earlier.

This was my first time doing more than a couple of sketch cards at a time, and I think it was a good learning experience for me. Some cards definitely came out better than others, but overall I'm pretty happy with them. I also got an opportunity to draw some subjects I probably wouldn't normally draw, and that's always good.

Each card is 2.5" x 3.5", and all art was done with markers, colored pencils and water color.

The apartment is now in it's Christmas Clutter stage - decorations need to come down and be re-boxed and the whole place needs a serious cleaning. So I guess that'll have to be done in the next few days (because if I don't do it now, who knows how long I'll wait...).

We went over to CdA today (Friday) to visit Jenny's folks. Finally watched Wall-E, which was hilarious (of course) and Wanted, which was kinda just "OK" story-wise but had some amazing effects. Will probably watch both of them again, though.

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