Friday, January 09, 2009

One Week In

Well, we're a few days into the New Year, and things seem to be going OK so far. Nothing too exciting, but no catastrophes either.

The snow has slowed down here - it's warmed up some, and along with the melting snow we've even got some rain the past couple of days. No major flooding here like over on the western side of the state, and I expect we'll most likely get some more snow before too long.

Still don't have a big list of resolutions for the year, but I've never really been one to do that sort of thing. I mainly want to start following through on more things that I start, or just have ideas/plans for but never get done. More art, obviously - just more work in general, and a couple of web-comics I'd like to get off the ground.

The other thing is just to be more social, both in real life and on-line. I've become a bit too much of a hermit, and even too much of my time on-line is wasted reading useless stuff and not actually interacting with people. So I guess some time-management improvements should also be part of that goal as well, though I think I might be getting slightly better there....

And I do have an interview on Monday for a part-time job at the library which looks promising. Hopefully that'll go well - so wish me luck!

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