Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Social Networking

So I finally signed up on Facebook. I'd avoided it until now, as I didn't see it being as "useful" as MySpace (atleast for networking) since you couldn't see most peoples' profiles without adding them as a friend. But, a friend sent me a request, so I said what the heck and signed up....

And y'know, it is a lot different than MySpace, but I quickly realized that's not a bad thing! I like the fact that it's really meant for staying connected with people you actually know, and appreciate the lack of spam-bots trying to be your friend. It's a nice change of pace over MySpace.

Anyway, I haven't done much on it yet, but if you'd like to friend me, here I am: Me On Facebook!

I'm seriously considering just deleting my LiveJournal account - I've actually had it far longer than my MySpace, deviantArt, etc. but I don't really need it. I set it up as just a personal blog, but now it's just a mirror for the posts from the Two Starving Artists blog. And the few friends I have on there I can still follow on atleast one other network.

So, especially since I'm now on Facebook, LiveJournal will most likely be getting the axe. And then I'll probably be sending out friend requests like crazy over the next few days....

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