Monday, March 23, 2009

All Hands on Deck

So, on Wednesday we got a note from the apartment people "reminding" us about how they're rebuilding everybody's decks, and that we were going to be scheduled for either Friday or Saturday. Now, they've been pretty good about warning us months ahead of time for the previous renovations (appliances, windows, etc), but this was the absolute first time we had ever heard about this so it was a bit surprising.

We of course were supposed to make sure that everything was cleared from the deck and away from the patio door for when the workers got here. But since this was the first warning we got, we could've just as easily been away from the apartment for the week and missed the whole thing completely.

Well, they showed up bright and early Friday morning and were in and out of the apartment for most of the day which was all sorts of fun... Jenny normally has Fridays off, but she was working that day, so her one day of sleeping in wasn't ruined. Lucky. I guess.

Anyway, they replaced all the floor slats of the deck, but really that wasn't the part that needed to be fixed. The whole thing looks rather precarious, and should probably just be completely torn down. It's not like we actually use our deck, so we wouldn't miss the safety hazard. And it'd be one less place for the pigeons to land on....

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