Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Good Day

Jenny's schedule at the library has been a little wonky lately, and as she's working this Friday she took all of today off from the law firm and we had a pretty good day running around. Nothing too exciting, but still fun - had our haircuts this morning, got some fast food for lunch and then spent a few hours shopping. Not that we have any money to burn, but we did still have money left on various gift cards that we could use - got some things we wanted and some things we needed, and even something for Jenny's mom's birthday (which is on Saturday), and barely spent any real money.

Spent the rest of the evening catching up on some TV shows on-line and working on some arts & crafts type stuff. I haven't really drawn anything for the last week or so, as I was knocked out by painkillers most of the time, but I'm finally feeling mostly all right and am getting back into it. My mouth is still a bit sore, but I'm doing OK.

Jenny's been working on beading and making jewelry lately, and she  picked up some more yarn today. She's also set up a crafty club at the library for people to get together and work on projects - the first meeting is this Friday evening.

As an example of the type of stuff she's been doing, here's the bracelet that she made for her sister's birthday last month:

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