Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Eye Witness To A Crime

So, Peter and I had just gone to bed, and said goodnight when there was a loud noise outside. It sounded to me like either a garage door slamming down, or a large amount of glass and metal trash being thrown into the dumpster. The dumpster is down at the end of the building. It's got to be a good 100 feet or so away from our window, and the noise we heard was much closer. Peter opened the window, and I looked through the blinds, but we didn't see anything moving, and didn't hear anything else. So, we lay back down, but I kept hearing metal banging noises, and it just seemed weird to me. I peeked out the window again and saw a young white boy in baggy dark clothes walking around the front of the car, and a young skinny white girl in the front passenger seat, with a large white hand and arm around her from someone in the back. I don't really know my neighbor that well, but he and his friends fit the description of the people in his car, so I just lay back down. Then got up again, because they just seemed too weird. Usually the neighbors are loud and rowdy, not "sneaky." So I opened the blinds completely and watched as the guy who had been outside was now in the front passenger side seat, with no one in the drivers seat, and I couldn't see the other people. The guy was sort of sawing at the steering column with a shiny pole thing. I told Peter that maybe he was trying to remove a Club or something. Then a car pulled into the main entrance to the complex, but turned to go the other way. The guy quickly pulled the passenger side door closed and sat back as far as he could to hide from the driver if they had looked that way. I looked away for a moment to ask Peter what he thought they were doing, and the guy got into the driver's seat and started the car. Peter said that maybe they were high and paranoid or something. Then the guy backed up and I thought maybe he was going to hit the storage garages, but he stopped, got the car turned around and drove off. He didn't stop at the stop sign, but around here that's not a big surprise.
I lay back down and wondered what the hell was going on, and just glad it had nothing to do with my truck. Then I heard the neighbor's door open, and them walking down the steps talking. Then I heard one of them say, "My car just got stolen!" So, I jumped back up again, and opened the window as he was saying, "I'm not sure when." So I said, "Not 2 minutes ago, I watched him, I thought it was you guys just screwing around." I described basically what I just wrote above to them, but one was on the phone, talking to the police, so they got the basics and wandered off. I came in here to the office to blog, when they knocked on the door to have me tell them what happened again. I grabbed my robe and sandles and followed them down to the parking lot, and told them what I saw again. The one guy's phone rang, and the police had found his vehical already in the 7-11 parking lot. They said not to go there, that they were going to watch it to see if anyone came back for it. The neighbor downstairs from Peter and I came out to see what the hubbub was all about, and after telling her that other neighbor's car got stolen and I saw it, she went over to her car to make sure it was ok, then went back inside. I didn't check my truck over, but it looked ok too. The guy who owns the car had been asleep, his roomate had heard the first loud noise and saw nothing too, but hadn't looked again until the car was driving away, then he woke the other guy up. So I told them to just knock if the police wanted a statement.

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