Monday, January 21, 2008

Talkin' and Pottin'

If I were a nurse, I could have my pick of jobs. Unfortunately, I have no interest what so ever in nursing, or anything really that has to do with a hospital. I haven't even seen recently the jobs I'm qualified for, but they're located over an hour drive away from home. This sucks.

I did just have a nice chat with the new neighbors about all sorts of things. That was cool. They're just a little younger then us, and just up from Southern California. Although, with two little kids, a hyperactive pug and surround sound, they've been pretty noisy. But the woman (Amy?) said that she's going to keep her husband from turning up the tv too loud and she's going to not yell at the kids so loudly too. So, uh, good, good. She didn't even know we lived here because we're so quiet. (An opinion not shared by our downstairs neighbor, but whatever, that woman constantly yelled at her kids and slams the stupid doors ALL THE TIME.) Yeah, so anyways, I had a nice talk today.

I also repotted my new "aluminum" plant (swear that's what it's called) today. It was rootbound, so I think it'll be happy now. I used the pot it came in to attempt to pot one of the 9 baby spider plants that are hanging next to the window off the plant stand. It didn't seem to want to stay in there, but what does it know. I still need 8 more pots for those babies, not to mention the "Mother of Thousands" I could plant if I only had the space. Also, I was adding extra dirt to those who looked like they needed it, and I noticed (finally) that my rubber tree plant has a root the size of my pinky trying to escape the dirt. I'm surprised it hasn't broken out of the clay pot and taken over the pots next to it! So it needs to be repotted asap. When I got it, it grew a new leaf at least once a week, so I had to repot it very quickly, but then it just stopped. It's alive, but it hasn't grown at all in just over a year. Well, now I know why.

I should also get a stick and twist tye or whatever since the stupid cayenne pepper plant is growing away from the pot and I had to prop it up with the rubber tree plant. And my wandering juniper has taken over the entire plant stand. I accidently found out that if the vines rest in water, even if it's only periodically wet, that roots will grow. So, I'm thinking of putting the longer vines, one at a time, in water till it's got good roots, then clip it off and plant it in it's own pot. Eventually, I'll be able to move the first pot to a new location (say a house), without taking the whole plant stand with it. Yay! I could give the newly planted pieces to other people too, then I would have more space for more plants. Yay! ;)

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