Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update - Been a While...

Hmm.... apparently I haven't blogged yet this month. Time flies when, well, we haven't really been doing much actually. Just working for the most part. Jenny's job is great. even if it's only (very) part-time. I've started taking a different bus up to her job some nights, so I can meet her when she gets off work. It's a lot more convenient - I don't have to rush to catch the bus after work, and I don't have to switch lines three times. And the ride's shorter too. The library she works at is little, and really cute, and it seems like all the people she works with are really nice. I hope she can get some more hours there and maybe move up the ladder a bit. Seems like a keeper of a job.

We haven't got a good chance to really look around the area where the library is; but what we've seen of it and the surrounding neighborhoods seems really promising. If she sticks with this job, we might try to find a place up there (on the South Hill). We did do some looking through the classifieds this week to see what the range of prices are for the area. We haven't gone and looked at any places yet, but we really can't move until June anyway...

Our new-ish neighbors are definately gone now (hooray?). Seems they didn't even tell the management they were leaving either - they might have been here a month and then just up and left on the 1st. So no pounding bass (or anything else) on that side of the apartment, which is a nice change. Now if we could just get rid of the neighbors below us who are always slamming their door hard enough to make the building shake. Also, since we've rearranged the apartment, our "living room" is now above their master bedroom, so we try to be considerate and not be too noisy (no watching TV loud up late, that sort of thing). It'd sure be nice if they would return the favor.

I took Monday and Tuesday off from work - I just needed some down time to relax and also so Jenny and I could actually spend some time hanging out together. We went out to see the new monster movie Cloverfield on Monday. It was... good, however it was shot in a "real world" handi-cam style, from the perspective of the people trying to escape New York while a giant Godzilla type monster is destroying the city. So between the shaky camera, the heat in the theatre being turned up way too high and possibly being still a bit sick, both Jenny and I were actually nauseous by the time the film was over. I'm glad it was a short movie, because I don't think I could have taken much more. I think I'd like to see it again, but not until it's out on DVD and I can pause it whenever I want.

Started deep-cleaning the apartment on Tuesday night, and it's about half done right now. My hope/plan is to have the whole apartment thoroughly cleaned by the end of the week so I can have the weekend free to work on other stuff: art, catching up on TV, various work I need to do on the computer, maybe even break out my miniatures and do some painting.

Jenny's sister's birthday is tomorrow, and I think the plan is for Jenny to go over tomorrow for cake and presents. I'll probably stay home - I'm not really sure when she's even heading over. And then she's got another jewelry making class on Saturday and Sunday, although she'll have to skip out early on Saturday since she's got to work that afternoon. Should be fun!

So yeah, not a whole lot going on, but still more than enough to keep us busy. Hope everyone else out there is doing well, and maybe the next blog post won't be such a long time coming....

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